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We are proud of our students here at FWHS. We recognize those who study hard and do their best. They have done an exceptionally good job and deserve to be bragged about!

JROTC Rifle Team Places 3rd

The Flowing Wells JROTC Rifle Team was invited to compete in the USA Junior Olympics/Civilian Marksmanship Program regional championships this past weekend. Regional matches were held in three locations, Salt Lake City, Utah; Anniston, Alabama; and Camp Perry, Ohio. The matches were all fired over the past week. Over 2,000 teams from around the country began the event during the last few months of 2013. 90 teams were selected to compete at the three locations. The top 27 teams will be selected this week to compete at Nationals in late June at Camp Perry, Ohio. The Flowing Wells team finished in 9th place overall (3rd at Salt Lake City). 

Team members are: 

  • Adam McClintock (1st place overall for the event) 
  • Wyatt Martin (5th place at Salt Lake City) 
  • Gabby Perez 
  • Jake Howe (from CDO High School) 
  • Rebecca Joseph (from IRHS) 

This was a three day event, consisting of a day of practice and two days of matches. The top two shooters at the nationals in June will be invited onto the US Olympic Team. 

Four of these youth are juniors and will be back next year to improve on their skills.

JROTC Rifle TeamJROTC Rifle TeamJROTC Rifle Team

3rd Quarter Perfect Attendance Luncheon

Our 3rd quarter’s perfect attendance luncheon was one of the best turn outs we have had! 213 students were invited to the luncheon for having perfect attendance. More than 180 attended!! We strive for perfect attendance at the perfect attendance luncheon!

Third Quarter Perfect Attendance LuncheonThird Quarter Perfect Attendance LuncheonThird Quarter Perfect Attendance Luncheon

ILS Hiking Club

The ILS class hiking club makes it up Tumamoc! It was a beautiful day!
ILS Hiking Club

Biotechnology Lab

Students in biotechnology class transformed bacteria with the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) that comes from jellyfish. They grew the bacteria in liquid culture and were harvesting the bacteria to isolate the GFP using column chromatography.

Pulse Dance Company are National Champions

Congratulations to the Pulse Dance Company, who became national champions in the hip hop category at the USA National Dance Competition. Great job!

national Champs

Matthew Breitwieser Wins $4,000.00 Scholarship

Matthew Breitwieser competed at the Career through Culinary Arts program on March 22 and received a $4,000.00 scholarship. Great job, Matthew!

Mathew Breitwisser

Science Fair Winners

The Flowing Wells High School Science Fair took place this February. Over 300 projects were submitted to the selection committee. Of those submitted, roughly 150 were sent on to the fair as participants and another 50 were finalists. The finalists were interviewed by experts from the community which included doctors, PhD candidates, and other science professionals. The judges selected 20 projects which then went on to the city fair, SARSEF. The science teachers selected two additional projects as well. Those top projects are listed below:

Student(s) Teacher Title Place
Sabrina Bustamante Golden Rail Accelerator Phase: 3 1
Zac Austin and Ethan Burch Golden Windmill Blade 2
Kirk Davis Golden Radiant Energy 3
Nick Sparks Dietrich Death To The Diode 4
Alex DeBellis and Katie Oquendo Golden Wireless Electricity 5
Alma Camou and Nikkie Ambrose Golden Wave Power 6
Pat Derrig Dietrich What Do You Think? 7
Curtis Johnson Dietrich Bacterial Death Rays 8
Michael Garber Wheeler A Penny For Your Thoughts 9
Jake Dibble and Javier Garcia Golden Lead? 10
Lauren Mendoza Dietrich A Notion of Motion 11
Luis Soto and Daniel Palma Wheeler Colorful Memory 12
Emily McWilliams and Rebecca Ehredt Golden Let It Glow 13
Juan Caquias Golden Reward Anticipation vs. Concentration Level 14
Denise Ware Dietrich Hot or Cold, What's the Brightest? 15
Ivory Rose and Elisa Zabalza Golden Electric Fruit 16
Amaris Encinas Dietrich Got Air? 17
Jocelyn Zeigler Dietrich Ears Hearing Accents 18
Kiley Schiermeyer Dietrich Weed Killer or Plant Killer 19
Anna Huss Dietrich Sympathetic Vibrations 20
Katie Shine Dietrich String vs. Wind in Perfect Pitch 20
Sarah Alfatesh Dietrich The Effect of Temperature on Cricket's Eating Habit Special Selection
Ian Bujak, Noah Confrey, and Michael Jurado Golden Java IM System Special Selection

At SARSEF students were again interviewed by community members, and a variety of awards and cash prizes were presented to nine of the participants. Below is a list of SARSEF winners and the awards they received.

Student(s) Title Award
Zachary Austin and Ethan Burch Windmill Blade Configuration SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place Tucson Electric Power Engineering Award
Sabrina Bustamante Rail Accelerator Phase 3 $75 Check
Aurora Ambrose and Alma Cama Wave Power Tucson Electric Power Excellence Award
Ian Bujak, Noah Confrey, and Michael Jurado Java IM System SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place Cox Communications Award, Intel Excellence in Computer Science, Most Outstanding Exhibit in Computer Science, Engineering Physics, or Chemistry
Alex DeBellis and Katie Oquendo Wireless Electricity SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Jacob Dibble and Javier Garcia Lead? SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Rebecca Ehredt and Emily McWilliams Let It Glow SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
Denise Ware Hot or Cold, What's the Brightest? 3rd Place - High School
Jocelyn Zeigler Ears Hearing Accents SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place


Anisa Jimenez Accepted Into the 2014 American Choral Directors' Association Western Division High School Honor Choir

Anisa Jimenez, senior Choralaires member and Choral Union Manager, has been accepted into the 2014 American Choral Directors' Association Western Division High School Honor Choir, to be held in Santa Barbara, California this February. Anisa joined over 900 singers in auditioning for the honor choir. Fewer than 200 were accepted. This elite choir will be conducted by Dr. Craig Jessop, choral director at Utah State University and former conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Anisa will represent Flowing Wells at this three day festival, culminating in a concert on the last day. Anisa plans to continue with music education after graduation and is excited to grow from this incredible musical opportunity.

Flowing Wells Color Guard

The Flowing Wells Color Guard had the honor to present the colors at the Wounded Warrior GT-500 nationwide tour. 

The car is on a nationwide tour, named the “High Five Tour,” representing the Wounded Warriors Family Support Organization. The tour is going to accept donations for our wounded warriors. 

The car is a GT-500 Super Snake wide-body Mustang, built in Las Vegas by Shelby. It has 850 horsepower and many of other special equipment. The car has a complete body wrap which looks like the American Flag and it is very beautiful to see.