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Student Council is a class in which members agree to willingly participate in activities that improve school spirit and increase our understanding of leadership. We will do our best to make FWHS an enjoyable place for students and to represent the wants and needs of the entire student body. We’re committed to you and to our school. Please let us know how we can make your school a desirable place to learn and have fun.

Student Council 2017–2018

Student Body
President: Andrea Estolano

Vice President: Omar Aguiar
Secretary: Monique Brule
Treasurer: Illianna Valenzuela
Historian: Adrianna Sanchez
Director of Public Relations: Shelby Sanders
Director of Activities: Ivana Raquel Lugo

Senior Class
President: Elizabeth Stevenson
Vice President: Cynthia Cardenas
Treasurer: Jake Armenta
Executive Officers: Grace Dalrymple & Micayla Huber

Junior Class
President: Alexis Isaac
Vice President: Cynthia Cardenas
Treasurer: Illianna Valenzuela-Figueroa
Executive Officers: Katrina Ahumada & Andrea Castro

Sophomore Class
President: Evelyn Madero
Vice President: Mikie Huber
Treasurer: Noah Trueblood
Executive Officers: Aleena Chavez & Kayleen Osuna

Freshmen Class
President: Cheyanne Yanez
Vice President: Aspen Oum
Treasurer: Angel Soto
Executive Officers: Leslie Alvarado & Nichole Bradshaw

Abby Acedo
Scott Cassels
Marisella Encinas
KKay Lamb
Leilane Saenz
Myra Sendlak
Brianda Villegas
Leslie Leyva
Junayka Duarte

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Ashley Webster
(520) 696-8099

School Council