Spring Sports

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Cheer On Our Cabs!

The spring season brings our favorite all-American sport. Baseball! You won't want to miss our games! And while you're enjoying Tucson's unmatched spring weather, be sure to catch the softball, tennis, track, and boys volleyball games going on. Whether you're joining us on the track, the field, the court, or in the stands, you're going to have a good time!

Spring Sports Schedule

Please meet our dedicated coaches.


Varsity Coaches:
Head Varsity - Erick Estrella

JV Coaches:
Head JV - Jeff Stanley

Freshman Coach:
Head Frosh: Javier Escalante


Varsity Coaches:
Head Varsity - Jessica Whatton
Assistant -
Assistant -
Volunteer -

JV Coaches: 
Head JV -
Assistant -


Girls Coaches:
Head Varsity: Mario Pina
Assistant -

Boys Coaches:
Head Varsity - James Madruga
Assistant -


Varsity Coaches - Boys and Girls:
Head Varsity - Austin Stone
Assistant Varsity - Kent Walker
Assistant Varsity - Ellen Mork
Assistant Varsity - Richard Legarra

Boys Volleyball

Varsity Coaches: 
Head Varsity - Tim Bott
Assistant - Clay Hales

JV Coaches: 
Head JV - Lindsey Hales
Head Frosh - Jacque Zavala

Athletic Supervisor
- Mark Gatham
Weight Training - Ray Pritchett and Brian Hook